Importance of Swimming Pool Maintenance

Pool maintenance in Dubai Marina

Swimming Pool Maintenance – Importance

Maintenance of the pool is one of the important tasks while having a swimming pool. It includes not only just regular pool cleaning, but also maintenance of its equipment. Therefore, it the swimming pool maintenance takes a lot of time and effort. If you are living in Dubai by appointing a professional swimming pool maintenance company, you reduce the efforts for the pool maintenance and save your valuable time. Because they will be having right equipment and knowledge about it and they can help you in that.

Choose the best swimming pool maintenance company in Dubai.

There are a lots of swimming pool maintenance companies in Dubai. But only a professional swimming pool maintenance company can help you to have a complaint free swimming pool. While selecting a swimming pool maintenance company for your swimming pool, you should consider many things. if you select a wrong company, it will give you a negative result. Therefor consider all the facts rather than just price for the maintenance at the time of selection.

Nature of the pool maintenance.

There are different tasks which includes in the swimming pool maintenance, for example swimming pool regular cleaning service, pump service, filter service etc. regular cleaning service will help you to keep your pool clean always. It includes chemical balancing, brushing of the swimming pool walls and floors, vacuuming and removing floating debris etc. Apart from the regular cleaning service the pool also requires periodic maintenance for other equipment also.

Swimming pool filtration pump and filter.

The filtration pumps and filter are the two major parts of the swimming pool. Therefor it required proper maintenance on time. The filtration pump must be checked regularly for any abnormal sound, or any leakage and it must be rectified on time. By giving periodic maintenance we can increase the life span of a pump. The periodic maintenance includes changing of mechanical seal bearing, changing of capacitors and connecters etc. as like pump the filter also required on time maintenance. Filter service includes changing of filtration media and repairing for the multifunction valves etc. by changing filtration media on time we can always have a proper filtration and clean water in the swimming pool.

Swimming pool structural finishing and tiles

The swimming pool structural finishing and tiles are the beauty of a swimming pool. So in order to maintain that beauty we should provide proper periodic maintenance for it. Periodic re-grouting will give extra strength for the swimming pool tiles. Brocken tiles may hurt the swimming pool users.

How much does it cost for the swimming pool maintenance.

The cost of the pool maintenance may depend on many factors. Like swimming pool size, nature of maintenance, location etc. for the swimming pool regular service it cost starting from AED 399 onward. But still it will be depending on how often you need to come in a week and the pool size. it’s very important for maintaining the pool hygiene. When you have a clean pool, you reduce the risk of water-borne diseases and infections. Apart from this, sanitation is also necessary so, you should consider cleaning your pool twice a week.

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