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Top-Quality Swimming pool cleaning in Dubai.

Cleaning the swimming pool constitutes one of the major tasks when owning a swimming pool in Dubai. A clean and ready-to-use pool will consistently bring happiness. Therefore, giving proper attention to the cleaning process of our swimming pools is of utmost importance. Cleaning a swimming pool entails more than just brushing and vacuuming; it also involves balancing proper pool chemistry, demanding time and effort. To achieve a hassle-free, clean, and ready-to-use swimming pool, we should contemplate hiring a professional swimming pool cleaning company. By appointing a pool cleaning company for your swimming pool in Dubai, you can eliminate the worries associated with pool cleaning. Furthermore, you will always have a clean and ready-to-use swimming pool.

The leading swimming pool cleaning company in Dubai

Pool Tech Dubai is the leading swimming pool cleaning company in Dubai. We rank among the top swimming pool cleaning and maintenance companies in Dubai, and our services extend throughout the UAE. To ensure the highest quality swimming pool maintenance and cleaning services for our customers, we manage separate teams for each task. This approach allows each of our swimming pool cleaning and maintenance teams to focus exclusively on their respective tasks, resulting in great service for our customers. 

In addition to swimming pool cleaning, we offer all kinds of  swimming pool maintenance services in Dubai, including swimming pool renovation, swimming pool construction, equipment trading, and installation. 

To facilitate smooth operations, we have categorized our swimming pool cleaning services into two distinct categories: Swimming pool regular cleaning service (AMC) and On-call services.

Regular cleaning services

As mentioned earlier, cleaning a swimming pool encompasses more than just brushing and vacuuming; it involves various tasks, including proper chemical balancing. To achieve a thoroughly cleaned swimming pool, all these cleaning tasks must be addressed. By entrusting your swimming pool’s annual maintenance contract (AMC) to the best pool maintenance company in Dubai, you can not only manage your expenses but also save time. The AMC ensures you receive regular cleaning services, and the pool contractor conducts timely inspections of your swimming pool. Consequently, you can easily identify any equipment malfunctions in your swimming pool. Additionally, you can easily detect swimming pool leaks in a timely manner.

Swimming pool Annual maintenance contract - AMC

As a leading swimming pool cleaning company in Dubai, we offer specially designed annual maintenance packages for all kinds of swimming pools. We have a comprehensive and semi-comprehensive annual maintenance package which suits your requirements. Moreover, as mentioned earlier we have separate teams for swimming pool cleaning services and maintenance. Hence we can offer timely swimming pool cleaning and maintenance services to our customers in Dubai. Below are some of our major scope of works in our swimming pool cleaning service in Dubai.

swimming pool cleaning services

On-call services.

We can categorize all swimming pool cleaning services apart from regular ones as On-Call services. In case you are cleaning your swimming pool in Dubai yourself or through your house boy, you may still need occasional services, primarily related to water treatment and acid cleaning. 

Similar to regular swimming pool cleaning services, we also offer various on-call services in Dubai. Whenever you require any type of swimming pool call-out service, we are just a phone call away from you. Below are some of our call-out services.

Swimming pool water treatments.

Water is precious, and we should avoid wasting it. Swimming pool water can become dirty for various reasons, including improper maintenance, bad weather, or incorrect chemical balancing. However, replacing the water can be expensive. So, what’s the solution? The answer lies in water treatment. Water treatment, carried out effectively with the help of specific chemicals, can provide you with clean and crystal-clear water in your swimming pool.

We can effectively perform water treatment for your swimming pool because we have a well-trained and experienced team dedicated to water treatment in Dubai. Through water treatment, we can convert your dirty swimming pool water into a clean and crystal-clear state without the need for a complete water change. Furthermore, during the water treatment process, we can also identify and troubleshoot the reasons behind your swimming pool water becoming dirty.

swimming pool cleaning services
swimming pool cleaning services

Swimming pool acid cleaning.

Acid washing of the swimming pool involves a deep cleaning process using specific chemicals. Just like any other maintenance task, acid cleaning is necessary to eliminate old stains and algae from the swimming pool walls and floors when needed.

Our highly experienced professional team can perform acid washing for all types of swimming pools, water features, and Jacuzzis.

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