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We are among the leading swimming pool maintenance companies in Dubai, offering comprehensive maintenance services that encompass all aspects related to a swimming pool. In addition to swimming pools, our company extends its services to jacuzzis, water features, and fountains in Dubai. We provide high-quality maintenance services at very competitive prices. Our distinctiveness stems from our expertise and professionalism, setting us apart from other swimming pool maintenance companies in Dubai.

Managing a swimming pool in Dubai necessitates diligent maintenance, a crucial task. This maintenance entails regular cleaning of the swimming pool, servicing equipment, and the replacement of faulty equipment, among other services. Here are some of the swimming pool maintenance services that we offer.

Regular Maintenance of the Swimming pool

Being a prominent swimming pool maintenance company in Dubai, we have the capability to offer scheduled, routine maintenance services for your swimming pool. This scheduled maintenance service ensures that your swimming pool remains consistently clean and readily available for use at all times.

Our routine maintenance service comprises the regular cleaning of the pool, chemical balancing, periodic inspection of swimming pool equipment, and the detection of water leakages, among other tasks. This proactive approach enables the identification of equipment malfunctions or issues before they escalate. Furthermore, regular swimming pool maintenance extends the lifespan of the pool.

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Casual Pool Cleaning Services

In addition to our regular pool maintenance services, we also offer non-regular or casual pool cleaning. As a professional swimming pool maintenance company in Dubai, we maintain separate teams capable of cleaning any pool, regardless of its condition. Whether it has been neglected or you require a quick cleanup for a weekend party, we’ve got you covered.

Our non-regular swimming pool maintenance in Dubai encompasses all aspects related to the swimming pool. This includes servicing pool equipment and conducting chemical testing and balancing simultaneously. These measures are designed to enhance your pool’s cleanliness and ensure it remains pristine for an extended period.

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Equipment Upgrades, Service & Replacement

Maintaining equipment holds great significance in swimming pool maintenance in Dubai. A malfunctioning piece of equipment can potentially mar your swimming pool experience. Whether you encounter problems with your pump, filter, or chlorinator, our team is capable of swiftly and efficiently repairing or replacing your equipment. 

Our team comprises highly skilled and trained technical servicemen who possess the expertise to diagnose and rectify issues with your swimming pool equipment. When it comes to repairs, we exclusively employ quality materials, and our pricing remains very reasonable. We maintain stocks of products from all major brands. What sets our products apart is our commitment to providing after-sales services, ensuring comprehensive support beyond the initial sale of the item.

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Plumbing and Electrical Maintenance

Pipelines and electrical systems serve as the essential foundation of a swimming pool. Even minor or small issues within the swimming pool pipelines or electrical components have the potential to disrupt swimming pool operations, necessitating meticulous maintenance. A leakage in the swimming pool pipeline can result in an increase in your water bill, while any electrical malfunction can potentially lead to a disaster.

We possess the capability to readily detect and repair any swimming pool pipeline leaks or blockages. In a manner similar to plumbing issues, electrical malfunctions or faults can also severely impact the swimming pool. Our highly experienced technical team excels at diagnosing and effectively repairing all electrical faults.

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Heater or Chiller Maintenance

A swimming pool without a heater or chiller may not provide the desired satisfaction. Given the climate in Dubai, a swimming pool chiller is considered essential. Despite the availability of numerous brands of chillers at varying price points, without proper maintenance, they may not deliver optimal results. Swimming pool heaters and chillers require periodic and timely maintenance.

Several swimming pool maintenance companies in Dubai provide chiller maintenance services, but it’s only a professional swimming pool maintenance company that can deliver proper maintenance for your chiller. We provide a comprehensive swimming pool chiller maintenance service in Dubai.

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Swimming Pool Tiles Maintenance

Proper maintenance of swimming pool tiles enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of your pool. Periodic re-grouting is essential to extend the lifespan of your swimming pool tiles and prevent tile loss. Given that tile designs continually evolve, replacing outdated tiles is necessary to achieve a modern and updated appearance.

As one of the premier swimming pool maintenance companies in Dubai, we provide a comprehensive range of swimming pool maintenance services, including swimming pool re-grouting and tile replacement. We offer a wide selection of tiles from major brands at highly attractive prices.

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