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With the topic “Know about swimming pool cleaning” we are going to discuss in details about swimming pool cleaning. Even though this article is written based on the conditions in Dubai, it remain almost similar to all other parts of the world too.

Swimming pool cleaning is the basic procedure of a swimming pool maintenance works. Its is very essential to keep the swimming pool clean and tiddy. The swimming pool cleaning procedure is not only just cleaning but also it includes some very important activities.

Importance of swimming pool cleaning

As the term cleaning suggest it is an activity to keep it clean, but when it comes to the matter of swimming pool cleaning there are some other activities also included in that. Most of the people would like to have a beautiful swimming pool in their private villa or commercial properties and they spend a bulk amount of money for that. But if they are not taking care of it properly then what is the use of having a pool?  It means you should a proper attention for the swimming pool cleaning also.

A proper cleaning will help you to keep the pool in its pristine condition and ready to use at any time. It also will help to improve its functionality and life span. There are several activities included in the swimming pool cleaning procedure. Mainly the swimming pool cleaning procedure can be divided into Two.

  1. Swimming pool cleaning
  2. Swimming pool chemical balancing

How to do a pool cleaning in Dubai

Swimming pool cleaning can be done by following bellow steps. In order to get a proper cleaning result, you should follow the sequence of each activity as follows and the procedure must be done before you use the pool.

  1. Remove the floating debris by using a leaf net.
  2. Empty pump strainer basket and skimmer basket
  3. Check the chemical level in the pool.
  4. Check the filter pressure gauge and backwash if the pressure is high.
  5. Connect the Vacuum hose to the vacuum point and start vacuum.
  6. Add the required chemicals to the pool. (If you add the chemical before brushing, while doing brushing the chemical will be mixed in the water properly.
  7. After vacuum brush the swimming pool walls and floors properly.
  8. Again, vacuum the floor once again.
  9. Back wash the filter until the water is clear,
  10. Rinse the filter to settle the sand
  11. Turn on Filtration.

Swimming pool chemical balancing.

The chemical balancing is the very one of the topmost important activities while maintaining a swimming pool. Quality of the swimming pool water will be depending on how you maintain the pool water chemistry. A swimming pool with chemical imbalanced water will cause to your health issues. Mainly we have to check chlorine and pH level in the pool.


The chlorine is the disinfectant used in the swimming pool water; it helps to control bacterial growth in the swimming pool water. Normally in Dubai you need to maintain the chlorine level between 1ppm to 2 ppm.

pH level

By checking pH level you can identify the amount of acid level in the pool. if the pH is low or high it may cause you to have some skin related issues. The pH level must be maintained between 7.2 – 7.6 ppm.

Chlorine and pH are the two basic chemicals to be checked while doing swimming pool cleaning in Dubai. But in addition, there are several parameters which have to be checked periodically such as cyanuric acid, Alkalinity, Calcium hardness, etc.

From the above discussion we can summarise that the swimming pool cleaning is inevitable and it required time and effort. but during the busy schedule in Dubai, the swimming pool owners will not be having enough time to spend for that. Therefor the best and most suitable option is appointing a best swimming pool cleaning company in Dubai to do it for you.

The best swimming pool cleaning companies in Dubai.

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